cycling and the technology is too complex a small amount of

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cycling and the technology is too complex a small amount of

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to accelerate the pace of integration and restructuring
Learn foreign auto parts industry development experience, restructuring,Best FIFA 15 Coins Supplier integration will be China's auto parts industry is one way out. Since 2006, consolidation and reorganization of China's auto parts enterprises and production of socialization, professionalization of rapid development. Through joint re-present, China's auto parts industry, basically out of the past, the kind of "quantity, size small, poor quality" scenario, production levels were significantly increased, and has formed a supply for domestic OEMs matching system. Such as FAW-rich Austrian company, Dongfeng spare parts division and so on, private auto parts enterprises developed rapidly, investment diversification is taking shape. Private enterprises showed significant growth and competitiveness, components product technology, quality, levels greatly improved, and the private economy showed significant growth and competitiveness, not only has become the main supply of aftermarket parts and export of the main ,FIFA 16 Coins and the formation of a number of internationally competitive auto parts enterprises, such as the Wanxiang Group, Zhejiang, three flowers, Wanfeng Otter.

The face of market competition, and spare parts industry to speed up the pace of industry consolidation, in the spare parts sales and establish sales of the Commonwealth, including e-commerce, including sales network, combined with logistics companies to form large parts sales group. Diesel engine parts diesel engine parts have been built in the Commonwealth of the market price of the diesel engine parts self-discipline, a certain role in promoting market-oriented. It is understood that the State will be in a few years to develop new standards, the assembly class into 2 parts factory 4, others 23 matching plants to the diversion, and then develop labor-intensive parts and components, such as brake discs, friction materials to address the diversion in seeking employment. As for those high-volume, cycling and the technology is too complex a small amount of standard parts, such as the rubber gasket will no longer be emphasized that domestic and imported directly.

China is often referred to as being the factory of the world simply because they have great and cheap electronics products.
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