faced with multiple pressure and challenges, an urgent need

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faced with multiple pressure and challenges, an urgent need

Innlegg liuruijia » 13 Apr 2015, 05:04

Development of China's auto parts industry in meaningful, must inferior vehicle, our parts and components industry is the most promising to become a world affected industries. At present, China auto parts industry is in a very critical period, on the one hand, maintain high growth momentum, in the automotive industry to GDP ratio increased gradually; the other hand, the development of China's auto parts industry, faced with multiple pressure and challenges, an urgent need out of the woods.Brawstyle.com | FIFA 15 Coins For Sale

showing five major trends in First half of 2006, China's auto parts industry seize the strategic opportunities to support independent innovation and international transfer of the automobile industry an opportunity to carry out the necessary strategic adjustments, the promotion of industrial structure, product structure optimization and upgrading and development capability to meet the entire vehicle development needs and market demands, showing five major trends: www.brawstyle.com

the beginning of the current cluster of scale Auto parts production is the beginning of the cluster effect. With the rapid development of automobile group around the OEM automotive parts industry cluster has also been rapid development. By region, has been basically formed the northeast, Beijing and Tianjin, central, southwest, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta six parts industry cluster. Auto parts industry cluster, thus enabling more sophisticated division of labor, more professional and easier to achieve scale, to make information more focused, quicker and faster pace of technological innovation, logistics and more easily organized economic efficiency has improved significantly. Auto parts industry cluster and the cluster effect in the future will be faster development.fifa 15 coins
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