It is an age when spot-kickers make a history.

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It is an age when spot-kickers make a history.

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Costa Rica has entered the quarter-finals against Netherlands, which is their best records in World Cup history, and players can buy fast FIFA 14 coins to create your own new records. Costa Rica has defeated three European legendaries in World Cup history.xtmmo fifa coins

Spot-kickers make a history

It is an age when spot-kickers make a history. Why would I say that? On June 29, there were two matches held in Fortaleza, Netherlands against Mexico, another Costa Rica against Greece. And these two winners won the match because of spot-kickers.Best Place to buy fifa 16 Coins

In the first match that day, Netherlands defeated Mexico 2 – 1. Since Fortaleza suffered a high temperature and humidity levels, the referee had to call a time out for a cooling break twice, respectively in the 32th minute and 76th minute. After the first cooling break, Mexico scored. In the 88th minute, Robben passed a ball to the middle, and Huntelaar proceeded to nod it down to Wesley Sneijder for the equalizer. Four minutes later, Robben received a spot-kicker, because he was tripped up by Mexico captain. Replying on the spot-kicker, Huntelaar scored to win the match for

As for another match Costa Rica vs Greece, these two teams were tied 1 – 1, but Costa Rica won on penalty kicks. In the 52th minute, Costa Rica scored the first goal in this matchup. Afterwards, Costa Rica defender Oscar Duarte was red-carded in the 66th minutes, and Costa Rica played with 10 men. In the 99th minute, Papastathopoulos scored a goal to even the score in the goal area. In the rest, neither party got a goal. These match ended with 1 – 1. However, Costa Rica had a qualification in the quarterfinals, because they dominated the penalty kicks with 5 – 3.
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